Victor visits GLEASON

On May 21st Victor High Schools Principles of Engineering Class visited The Gleason Works to get a better understanding of a Manufacturing Environment. The 25 Students were currently studying CIMs (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) which is typically offered their Junior Year. They received a presentation on Gleason Corporations products and services, as well as a brief summary of The Gleason Works history and transformation. The Tour had 7 points of interest :

·       Specialized Gear Services Manufacturing

·       Machine Assembly and Runoff

·       Toyota Machining Center Bay (Horizontal and Bridge Mills)

·       Tooling CAD/CAM Demonstration (Manned Station – 333 Conference Room)

·       Heat Treat

·       Engineering 3D Modeling Demonstration (Manned Station - Classroom H)

·       2 Meter Gear Cell

The students divided into 7 groups and rotated in 1 5 minute intervals through each area.  The tour guides provided background on most of the areas but 4 areas were hosted by a dedicated presenter.

The students were truly amazed by the size of the facility, the application of technology, the wide range of processes and the different products.  You could tell it was a memorable experience based on their reaction, questions and follow up emails.  This was a great opportunity for Gleason to give back to the community, inspire students and cultivate our future .  I would like to thank Mr. Hanna and Mr Selv e c for helping coordinat e this with the School and the Students.  Most importantly I would like to thank the people at the Works that helped turn this Tour into a lasting memory for 25 students.  Captured in the picture: Mark Selvec, Jon Hanna, Rich Russe l l, Ian Schickling, Tom Karpovage, Ed Blythe, Mike Walker, Edit Johnson, Matt Cihan, Joe Kruchinsky, Bruce Hayward. Other members that made this a success but not pictured: Bill Semans, Mike DArduini, Dale Burmingham , Bill Scheibr, Eric Kowalski, Pete Woerner, Don Wheat , Tom Noe, Kirk Ostertag , Jim Turner .


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