PLTW College Credit Information

How would you describe these course assessments?

The end-of-course assessments are reflective of common quality standards for a high school student. The college credit section of the assessment is optional and based on college level performance; the grade on the test will determine the course grade on a college transcript should a student choose to apply for college credit.

How does a PLTW student know what parts to take at the end of the course?

Teachers will offer the end-of-course assessments (Parts A and B) during the finals testing schedule. In addition, PLTW teachers will offer the college credit assessment (Part C), for those students seeking college credit.  All students will take Part A.  Students will take Part B or C, depending on their future plans.

Who develops these assessments?

A team of PLTW master teachers and college professors will write all assessments.  

Who is eligible to take the College Credit assessment section (Part C)?

Students achieving an 85% by the end of the course should consider taking the college credit Part C. The college tests are not "counted" by the colleges, except for those students who choose to apply for College Credit by receiving a 70% or higher on the test and an 85% average for the course, and who have completed their portfolio and have sent in tuition to the participating Affiliate College (RIT).

Will there be a College Credit assessment (Part C) for all PLTW courses?

College Credit assessments are available for DDP, DE, POE, CEA and CIM. There will be no College Credit assessment for EDD.

How will I know if my child passed the College Credit assessment (Part C)?

PLTW teachers will mail home a letter or postcard to all students participating in the College Credit assessment at the end of the school year. Letters will state if the student has passed or failed the college portion of the exam.